Monday, January 11, 2010

First trip around town

On Saturday, we went into town to go grocery shopping. We left the car in front of the grocery store and walked around town to go to the fruit market, then the vegetable market, then returned to the grocery store before stopping at the meat market. A lot can be learned about a culture and a society by visiting the local markets.

On our way to the fruit market, we stopped and got some ice cream. 2 cups of ice cream and 1 large slushy cost a total of $ 100 (100 pesos- yes, they use the $ to indicate pesos, but RD$ 36 = US$ 1) making our ice cream stop less than 3 dollars for all three of us. Not too bad.

In the vegetable market, we were not allowed to choose our own produce. We told the worker what we wanted and he got it for us. After carrying all of our fruits and veggies back to the car, we went to the grocery store.

The store was small, but had a lot of products. Many products were items typically found in the United States. I had a lot of fun looking at the prices. Prices were a lot cheaper than they were in Venezuela. I was able to find things like Macaroni & Cheese (US $1), pancake mix (less than US $2 for a box), and even lactose free milk (less than US $2). While I have not yet had to go shopping on my own, this helped me a lot to figure out how I can go shopping and how much it will cost when I do begin.

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