Friday, January 8, 2010

Staff Mini-Retreat

Today (Thursday) we had a mini-retreat for all the staff that is in town. A few people are still returning from the United States, but most of the staff came. This was my first opportunity to meet the people with whom I will be working over the next several months. It was a bit overwhelming trying to meet and remember names of so many people.
The retreat took place at the house where I am staying. Everyone arrived at the same time in 2 taxi vans. We began with a time of worship and hearing a message from The Word. We then had a time of personal reflection and time alone with God. Everyone was instructed to go outside and walk through the steps of this reflection in the stillness and silence of the hills and mountains around the house. Thankfully, the rain subsided in time for this and then began again right after lunch.
After lunch, we had a time of fellowship and games. This was a great time to get to know some people. I will hopefully meet the rest of the staff tomorrow.

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