Wednesday, January 13, 2010


On Monday, I had my official orientation as a new staff member of Doulos Discovery School. This orientation lasted all day and thoroughly discussed every aspect of the school and everything I needed to know before working. I also got a campus tour and even a little insight on some of the future development of the school. I still have not yet seen where I will be located on campus (they aren’t exactly sure yet), but I should be able to get into the classroom tomorrow. I will begin with observations and working with the 5th grade class. Ciara, the 5th grade teacher, is excited that I will be working with her class first. I was also asked by the first grade teacher if I could check on a student of hers, who seems to be behind the rest of the students in her class.

Besides working with the students, I will be developing the special education program with proper documentation for the accreditation process that the school is working on.
I haven’t officially started working yet, and I already have quite a bit of work to do.

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