Wednesday, January 27, 2010

On the move...

This past weekend, I stayed with a friend from the school. The family I have been staying with was out of town, so Ciara offered to let me stay with her. It was nice to get out of the house I have been in a see a little different setting.

Today, I am on the move again. Only this time, it's a move towards the more permanent. I will be moving in with 3 girls- sharing a house not too far from school. However, this house doesn't have any furniture in it. The other girls are getting most of the big stuff, so I will need to buy very little. Until everything is ready, I am staying with 2 other girls from the school. Amanda and Melanie have graciously opened up their house for me for the next few nights.

It gives me a feeling of comfort to know that I am one step closer to finally getting settled in my new home, finally getting acquainted with my new town, and finally getting to know some more people a little deeper.

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