Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Iglesia Comunidad La Vid

Here in the DR, if you are Christian that is not Catholic, then you are considered Evangelico. And if you attend a church that is not Catholic, then it is most likely charismatic in nature. There are varying degrees or levels of charismatic behavior in the churches. Iglesia La Vid is not overly charismatic, but it still has that level of energy that allows you to know that you are definitely in Latin America.

It is a small church- less than 100 people. Services are outside, on a covered patio. The children (there were quite a few) remained in the service through the worship time and then left to go to their classes just before preaching began. Everything was in Spanish, but the sermon was translated into English due to several people in attendance not knowing Spanish. Service lasted for about 2 hours, but it did not feel very long. Overall, it was a wonderful time of worship and hearing from the Word with my new neighbors.

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Kris said...

*sigh* I think I'm a little envious. I sounds wonderful!